1. Hypothesis



Just maybe

I like you

Not just like


Maybe it could develope to that



2. Analysis


My heart

It’s beating fast

My cheeks turn red

I feel nervous

Sometimes even anxious

Around you



3. Developement


If I trust my analysis

I am in love

But why

Why is my brain still fighting

Fighting against love



4. Diagnosis


I am

Indeed in love

I can trust you

You can trust me

It all feels special



Is this



I am certain of it.



1. Hypothesis



I see them fly

But I don’t know

If they will ever touch the ground

If they even want to touch it



2. Analysis




Changing into airplanes

They form into a shape

A shape that remnds me of home

Of a never ending dream



3. Developement


They fly

As high as you can imagine

Maybe even higher

You can’t reach them

And neither do I



4. Diagnosis


They haven’t reached the ground yet

But they will eventually, right?

But the reason

Is not for us to find out



(von Sophie)

– refers to Experiment to Determine the Existence of Love

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