Refering to the poem Jean-Claude Van Damme:


Years after having watched
this way too cheesy movie

for the very first time,
I ask myself

is it really OK to lose?
To get your victory stolen

away only a second
before achieving it?

In fact, my dad back then
just taught me
to wait for the sequel
when the black screen

fades into the colorful,
brutal world, where he
once had lost his fight.
Because, in case you lose:
Normal boring guys may
never get their own story,
but J-CVD can’t always
spawn straight out of nowhere
and wipe out every
little effort with a split.

Speaking of spawning,
my kill/death ratio has
noticeably suffered.

Better get back
focusing on my console
and yell at my new ”dad”.
Call of Duty.


by Johannes

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