This poem referrs to “ My Shoes Are In Love” by Ross Sutherland.


Even though my shoes

always seem to be

so romantically belonging


similar to each other,

I have the soft-footed


that they desperately try

to escape

from each other,

cause every time I walk

outside the door

they cannot bear it

to be on the floor

at the same time.


And thats

what keeps me walking

and walking

and walking.


Sophia S.


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  • Karen Sünder

    perhaps does love not necessarily mean to always be together?
    perhaps your shoes are just following each other, following the same pathway but respecting the space between them to grant their lover the freedom he needs to come back to them at the end of the day? 😉

  • sophia paulsen

    I really like your thought, Karen. Probably it even makes more sense than my poem does. 🙂 Maybe they love and try to escape from each other at the same time. But shoes are made to stay with each other, they are actually the same, the only dfference is that the one is left and the other one-they reflect each other like there would be a mirror between them. But they didn`t choose their love, so maybe they realize after a while that they don`t want to be with each other?

  • Ross Sutherland

    Hi I liked this a lot! I like the image of walking presented as each shoe, trying to escape the other. They are always together, but always trying to break apart, creating perpetual motion. I know a lot of relationships like this! – Ross Sutherland

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