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  • cheryl

    This video is a metaphor. It shows how simple affectionb can be shown. Ross sutherland choose shoes, which are an objekt in everyday life and personolized them made them a love couple and interpredet so much feelings into the pair of shoes that the video is way to simple to express all these feelings of complication, support and love between the owner and the shoes. however I liked the idea of making a simple movie to understand the basic concept of his poem.

    • Astrid Valencia Jimenez

      I agree, I really liked how he used shoes and personalized them. It makes you see things in a whole other perspective. I also liked the metaphors.

  • marlenelucy

    Ross Sutherland portrayed so many every day incidents based around shoes and transformed these into a story.
    “I had to seal up his slathering mouth with superglue (…) when the other wasn’t looking”
    On a very basic level this literally just means that he is fixing one of his shoes with superglue while he left the other shoe in a different place. Through his descriptions however the shoes become personified (mouth, looking) and therefore seem alive. To me this made the images of the poem very humerous.

  • lny

    The video made me laugh, just because i was watching a video about a pair of shoes with glued on eyes, although the end and particularly the music gave it a touch of sadness…I think it was a good idea to characterize a pair of shoes into literally a love couple of shoes- like in real life, one of the two aged faster, because of the way it was treated, comparable to a human being which ages faster than another person because he had to work harder in life. funny and nice way to show how life is or can be by using shoes, although sometimes i couldnt read as fast as the text moved on.

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