Private letter- Jean-Claude Van Damme


My dear son,

I am now in prison and tomorrow I will have to face the court hearing for having attempted to murder the General. No light, just subsistent amounts of food and water.                                                                    Even though I should feel guilty I do not regret what I have done, I only regret not having been successful.

From the moment you were born you have spent your days in an armchair, connected to TV and computer screens, watched and monitored by secret agents and the whole system.                                                                                   It seems to me that our human race is punished for every act of violence it has ever committed. Now monsters have taken over and have become our repressors.

You have never been allowed to develop any feelings, any individual desire or any dream.You even do not know what these words mean.                                                                                                                          All you have been taught was pure manipulation. Day in, day out we have been humiliated without any possibility to escape the brainwashing.

But I have experienced what real life means. It seems centuries away but believe me, my dearest son, I would do everything to let you feel and smell what life is about. Life us much bigger than TV screens. You are not a human being yet and that is why you are so easy to control and to oppress because you do not ask what is behind these screens.

The human race is meant to be free. During all times of human mankind we were the dominant race on the planet, now we are dominated by screens. We are not objects but subjects with a free will.

You need somebody to realize that you can get the strenght to rebel, that you can learn to be a human being. Someone like me is a threat for the system we live in and I can not expect any mercy for the crime I committed.

They know that I would rather die than stop fighting for our race helping them to return to real life. I was ingenous and amazingly naive to consider that life that takes place on screens could be a progress.

But now it is time to stop this insanity. It is our obligation to resist to a sytsem we invented ourselves.                                                                                     We are so many and if we all stand together we can fight the General and the system and we will be victorious.

So my dearest son there is only one thing I implore you to do: if I have to face death penalty continue my struggle for life and the human race!

I love you even though I was never allowed to show you.                                                                                   Your Dad


von Constantin von Wietersheim

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