My Gummy Bears Are In Love

”Hey”, she said, ”do you want some gummy bears?”

And without looking I reached into the package.

As I looked into my hand,

I saw that two were sticking together.

Although I’ve never seen them kiss,

I wouldn’t have been as cruel as to separate these two.

I put them on a table and whenever I felt lonely,

I would look at them.

And then I left them there

but one day the craving became unbearable.

So I tore them apart

and in a moment of weakness, I ate one.

I’ve seen them together, though.
Then, when I let it come
I am very sad, but always coming back.
(A reference to the old shoelaces.)

“Hey”, [the lonely gummy bear says]“see, I told you to go sushi
But it is a temple! To us, Michael!”

Antonia Hasselberg, Valerie Dieterich, Jennifer Zichner


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