Using printed napkin tissues
Blowing myself out
2 packs of 10 Novelty Toys
Watching Molecular targets ordering japanese toilet paper


Money rules the world


Weather or not, make money
50 cent says Floyd stiffed him for
About $2
Another family raises money for a headstone


Money tree


Capital investment activity
In nah nah, a dollar
To a money tree
Branch near you


A Harakiri is not a great idea
When bombing the US with money
Money boy offers you tips for
Alternative weapons
So that everybody would die for laughter


Now get talktime, pay on purchase of yippee masala
Get Free Pay Cash Recharge: Terms and conditions
5 – Muslim Consumer Group: Sunfeast YiPPee Your Source for Halal Foods
From Slum boy to millionaire, King Street Cambridge


They have more money than you.
Have expensive and beautiful products
People are invited to coaching rich kids
In show business.



(Johannes, Beste, Lena, Sophie, Sophia, Yü)

Der Text bezieht sich auf Ross Sutherland: notes on “Richard Branson”.

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