Jean-Claude Van Damme II
Now Days Unawareness
Years after having watched
this way too cheesy movie
for the very first time,
I ask myself
is it really OK to lose?
To get your victory stolen
away only a second
before achieving it?
In fact, my dad back then
just taught me
to wait for the sequel
when the black screen
fades into the colorful,
brutal world, where he
once had lost his fight.
Because, in case you lose:
Normal boring guys may
never get their own story,
but J-CVD can’t always
spawn straight out of nowhere
and wipe out every
little effort with a split.
Speaking of spawning,
my kill/death ratio has
noticeably suffered.
Better get back
focusing on my console
and yell at my new ”dad”.
Call of Duty.




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  • Emile Albl

    The poem takes the form of an action movie. An evil genius steals a bomb and plans to destroy the world. He then gets stopped by a hero, in this case Jean-Claude Van Damme. Only in this case we are watching the action out of the eyes of an innocent child who loses his father.
    I understand the poem in the way that the statue of Liberty is symbolic for Freedom and that a Man is trying to conquer the world and destroy Freedom.

    Why have you chosen to use Jean-Claude Van Damme?
    Why doesn’t the villain or the boy have a name?

  • Johannes PG

    I’ve chosen this poem, because there are (atleast for me) so many ways to interpret this one. As you said, there is this bad guy getting stopped, but you feel kind of sad for him and the kid/his son and not just good or happy, because another hero has saved the world again in a heroic way. For instance, when I first read it, I was thinking of a far too young child watching an action movie. The kid may have noticed parallels between the terrorist and his real father. Thats why he tried to speak with the man in the TV.
    Yesterday, I think, i’ve read Ross’ notes on Jean-Claude Van Damme in which he said, he wrote it as some kind of apology to his own father.
    And thats just three options of understanding.
    That made me pick J-CVD.
    Well, the names… I don’t think I’m the one to give names to characters I haven’t created 😉

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