Jemand berichtet, ist aufmerksam. Ein Ich, das die anfallenden Unfallstellen genau untersucht, kommentiert. Dazu ein Hin und Her hinter den Kulissen. Absagen an. Einladungen zu. „preparation(s) for some crash yet to come”

Ross Sutherland: Richard Branson

(Cambridge, 2012)


My love, I feel like this print of Rothko.

I am small and glassy and I want to impress you,

even if it means murdering one of your work colleagues.

You think if you stare long enough at your noodles

you’ll see the combination to the safe.                         → Cambridge1968

I don’t have the heart to tell you the truth.

Even the elephant on the 20 Rand note you gave me

for good luck back in 2009 will end up spent in the end.

You adjust my tie and I grow a little older.

On cold hungover days, the white sun follows us

through Jesus Green to Yippee Noodle.

Shrek watches from the electrical shop across the street;

seven Shreks, running in parallel

across a burning rope bridge.

It’s impossible to root for any of them.

A millionaire’s hairstyle

is trapped in the era that they first made their money.

The air turns green above the poles of the Earth.

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