We’ve never kissed.

Whenever my partner has hurt me,

I can not look happy.

It takes a lot of time until he can make me happy again.


I would prefer to go to a sushi restaurant.

Hey, let’s go! Or to Michael’s house.

Of course I want to go to Michael just to clean myself.


I’m sure that my owner had planed revenge

because we do not do what he want.



Once, in a hotel, he kicked us off into seperate corners.

We landing on our heads and it was the first time I felt so lonely.


He did not treat us so well.

Our state was not so good and he tried to fix us with superglue.

He annoyed us always when the partner looked away.


One day he went bowling with us.

He did not play with us,

he kicked us into the cabine and replaced us with bowling shoes.

I do not know if they were more confortable than me and my partner, but it hurts.

Is he thinking about us ?


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